Raw FeedingTestimonials:

"This has by far been the best diet for my dog. The food is fantastic and very convenient."  --Emmy, CT

"Everything you need is right there in perfect percentages.  Now I don't have to weigh and mix everything myself."  --Susan, RI

"My finicky dog ate maybe two meals per week (of twice daily feedings).Once I started feeding Performance Dog this finicky dog began to eat every meal and has not stopped since!."  --Patty, CT

"Competing in the conformation shows, ny dogs have to stay in the perfect shape at all times. To have a healthy dog in great shape, raw food is the way to go!"  --Olga, MA

"I wanted to let you and your potential users of Performance Dog know that I have used it for well over twenty years with nothing but fantastic results."  --Patrick, DE

"I love how easy it is now to raw feed.  I just slice off what I need, and I'm done.  No more mess!" --John, MA