Dr. Richard Patton has been renowned animal nutritionist for over 30 years.  Dr. Patton is the designer of Tefco's Performance Dog Blend raw dog food, a complete and balanced nutritional source for your dogs diet.  Please see the link below to learn more about Dr. Richard Patton and the benefits to feeding your dogsraw.

Dr. Richard Patton

The Animal Nutritionist behind our Performance Blend

Please take some time and read about the nutritionist who designed our Performance Dog blend to be complete and balanced,  Dr. Richard Patton PhD.  Dr. Patton has extensive experience in designing the proper diets for carnivores everywhere.  The Performance Dog Blend is specific for dogs, all the proper vitamins and minerals in their proper ratios have been calculated by Dr. Patton.  There is no guesswork, and no better food for your dog than Performance Dog.  Be sure to visit his site and watch the introductory video.   www.pattonanimalnutrition.com

Raw feeders will attest to noticeable improvements in their dog's coat, teeth, skin, activity level and overall health and vitalityin general which lead to less trips to the vet!  All of the proper ratios for protein, fat, trace minerals, water content, calcium and phosphorus have all been addressed by Dr. Patton.  Please contact us and let us help you get started on dramatically increasing your dog's health and happiness.