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Our Nutritionist:

Dr. Richard Patton.  

Dr. Patton developed the Performance Blend, a balance of everything your dog needs for optimal health.  

Performance Dog Raw Diet is formulated by a PhD to be Complete and Balanced. 

How Much Do I Feed My Dog?

Serving size is based on your dog's weight. For information about how much to feed your dog per serving, please click on the Recommended Feeding Guidelines page above.

One of our European Raw fed Boxers

Meet Hiara, who has been raw fed for one year. DELICIOUS !


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For your convenience, we will make every effort to find a common meeting point or pick up which is always available .  


" I love how easy it is now to raw feed.  I just slice off what I need, and I'm done.  No more mess!" 

                                -- John, Massachusetts

"Everything you need is right there in perfect percentages.  Now I don't have to weigh and mix everything myself" 

-- Susan, Rhode Island


What the Experts Say About Raw Feeding:

Expert Trainer and Warrior Dog Foundation Director Mike Rintland, explains why Performance Blend is the best available Raw Food on the market

Dogs Gone Raw

Why Raw?

Read the following article from Dogs Naturally magazine for more information on the healthy benefits of raw feeding:  

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Also, see the video:

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About Us

We are distributors of high quality raw dog food. Our diets contain all natural ingredients and are delivered in easy-to-serve packages for your convenience, no more messy feedings!

Our food is frozen & 100% preservative free!

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Performance Dog:  Our top-selling product,  Made from 100% all natural ingredients, balanced with everything your active dogs needs for good health and nutrition.

Ingredients: Beef, Tripe, Trachea, Finely Ground Bone, Salt, Egg & Trace Minerals.

We also carry:   Beef, Beef Patties, Trachea, a variety of  bones (Center Cut Bones, 6”-7” Knuckle Bones, Neck Bones, Rib Bones), Ox Tails, Tongue, Whole Liver, Whole Heart, and more....

Quality Assurance:

All of our products meet AAFCO specifications for quality. 

Beef is sampled and tested for BSE by USDA Veterinary Technicians. 

No preservatives are added!  No renderings.  

Shipped flash-frozen.

Locate Us:

Our farm is located in Paxton, MA, just 5 minutes from Worcester, 20 minutes from the MA Pike and Rt 84 in Sturbridge, and 45 minutes from Boston.  We also have a Cape Cod location, making us easily accessible and convenient to raw feeders in all of New England.


Our Products: